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4 Ways To Recycle Tires In Your Own Backyard

When you order new tires, there are multiple options you can do with the old and worn out ones. Instead of recycling them or paying a recycling fee, you can enjoy your new set of wheels and get a lot of use out of the old tires at the same time. There are four ways you can recycle tires for use in your own backyard.

The following four recycling methods are ideal for all types of backyards, and especially those with young children.

Fairy Garden

The round shape of a tire can make a great host to a small fairy garden. Fairy garden are small areas filled with natural elements and little furniture ideal for housing the mythical creatures.

  • Tire Preparation: Wrap the tire with some soft felt for fake grass. These elements can be easily attached to the tire using super glue or a glue gun.
  • Tire Base: Select a location to place the fairy garden. This is usually a permanent position that will stay there all year long. Fill the center of the tire with soil. A base of mulch can also help fill the tire without the need for too much soil.
  • Seed: Plant some flowers into the soil. Flowers like profusion zinnias come in a variety of beautiful colors and bloom quickly. Ask your local garden center for tips on colorful flowers that will bloom in your geographical area.
  • Decorations: Doll furniture and small garden decorations are ideal for a fairy garden. There are also a number of specific pieces made for a fairy garden. Extras like glitter can help you complete the whole garden.

Obstacle Course

A classic use for old tires is for playing in a backyard obstacle course. There are two different ways to use the tires and get full use out of them in your backyard.

  • Running Obstacle: Place the tires flat on the ground and next to each other in a two by two formation. While running through the course, a person must quickly step in and out of the tire holes to complete that task.
  • Football Toss Obstacle: Wrap a rope around the tire and hang it from a thick branch or swing set. During the obstacle course, a player must stop and throw a football through the hole on the tire. This can also be set up for just a throwing game outside of an obstacle course.

Winter Activities

Recycled tires can add a lot of fun during winter months. Children can use the tires for two different activities in the snow.

  • Snowball Holder: During an epic snowball fight, tires can easily hold a collection of snowballs. The inside of an old tire features plenty of space to store the snowballs and create a base for various games like capture the flag.
  • Snowman Base: Instead of building a huge snowman base made of pure snow, tires can help get the process started. Stack three or four recycled tires at the location where you want to build the snowman. Pile snow around the tires to quickly build the base and complete the snowman. Smaller recycled tires like lawnmower tires can help supply additional support for the middle and top of the snowman.

Tree House Delivery Basket

Turn a tire into a durable delivery basket for a tree house. Wrap and tie a rope around the tire.

Have an adult use a staple gun to attach a durable and thick netting to the base of the tire. The staples will hold securely right into the rubber of the tire. Throw the rope to the top of the tree and secure it over a thick branch with a basic loop knot. When the delivery basket is filled, the rope can be pulled up to retrieve the delivery basket. When the tree house is not in use, the tire and netting will remain durable through rain and snow.

Work with your children to come up with all types of creative ideas for the recycled tires. When purchasing new tires, consult with the business to see if additional old tires are available for use.

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